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Great Pyrs & Paws Rescue (GPPR) was formed in April 2020 to rescue and rehabilitate the many Great Pyrenees in need of loving homes both in Texas and in the Pacific NW. Their mission is to promote compassion and kindness for this incredible breed, while ensuring that the Pyrs they have committed to care for are given the best chance for a new start with loving families.  Visit their web page or to learn more.

Most of the dogs come from kill shelters in Central Texas, South Texas and the Greater Houston area. While they are being evaluated and rehabilitated, GPPR places the dogs in foster homes in Texas and the Pacific Northwest. They do not adopt out dogs east of the Mississippi River. GPPR transports and adopts dogs to Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and the Vancouver, Canada area and can always use fosters and volunteers. You can appy here.

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