Neediest Cases 2017

We are nearing the halfway point of 2017 and have more needy cases than weeks so far this year.  We try to limit our fundraising to a few times a year but neediest cases come in all the time.  Frequently we are "the rescue of last resort" who will help a dog that other groups have passed by. Your tax-deductible donation helps us save our neediest cases who can also be found here and hereWe don't always win but it doesn't keep us from trying.

Our neediest cases are in foster homes and need caring, compassionate adopters.  You can also help a neediest case by adopting.


Millie (5/14/17)
Messed Up But Still Standing

Millie came from a Kentucky shelter on Tuesday and was on stray hold until today, as if it there is any reason on earth to return to her to where she came from! She has a large tumor in her ear and an open wound on her throat from a collar that was too tight. It got wet and harbored maggots in a nasty infection around her neck. Her coat was matted to the skin; she is thin and was covered with ticks. Millie is a bit wobbly in the back end but she's moving around. She’s been cleaned up and shaved and the accessible part of her ear tumor has been lasered out and sent off to be biopsied. When she was under anesthesia, her teeth were cleaned, her nails dremeled down and three pounds of matted, filthy fur were shorn off. Millie may never leave rescue but she will not die unloved and uncared for under a hedge.


Lily (4/28/17)
Gimpy Girl From AL

Update 5/8: Lily had her leg amputated as her damaged leg had fused together and could not be functional. She is doing well as a tripod. She looked so sweet at the vet's office (below), a lady planted a kiss on her forehead. 

Here's Lily, our newest neediest case. She's so new in fact,  we are waiting for an assessment on the broken leg her owners didn't bother to fix when it happened a month ago. Lily was picked up as a stray, which may be the best break she's every had. She was in such sad shape, Animal Control brought her to a vet's office instead of taking her to the shelter. Lily's very skinny and doesn't walk on her leg; she uses the stump for support to balance her. She's a young dog and this is a sad way for her to live her life. She has an appointment next week with an orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham who will tell us what can be done for this poor girl.

Hansel & Gretel (4/16/17)
Escape from Hell

Update 5/11: Here are Hansel and Gretel after a month in rescue. They are actually white after having a spa day! Both of these sweeties need an adoptive home, so please visit to apply for them. 

An insurance adjuster notified the authorities that the dogs in a south-central Tennessee yard were in terrible shape. Hansel & Gretel are sorry-looking Pyr mixes, two of the many dogs who were kept by a hoarder on 10 ft chains. They have been brought to the vet and are severely emaciated with serious skin issues and mange. Their body scores only registered 2 out of a possible 10. Both are heartworm positive and have bad ears. Gretel has an ear infection in one ear that is difficult to treat, pseudomonas. 

Despite all this, they are good-natured dogs, sweet and friendly, who love people and seem soooo thankful to be out of the miserable circumstances they lived in for too many years. They are currently being fostered in Kentucky. 





Georgie (3/24/17)
We Gotcha Guy

Update 5/2: Georgie has an adopter in New Jersey!

This sweet old senior boy came to rescue from a Tennessee shelter. He's 7- 10 years old and was treated for heartworm but still has a heart murmur. He may not have all the time in the world left but we hope we can see him with a family. He's so mellow and nice with other dogs that they use him to temperament test all of the other dogs at the shelter. He  loves people and just wants to lay down and put his head on your feet. Georgie arrived in really rough shape but he couldn't be any sweeter. He had an echocardiogram done which shows damage to the valves on either side of his heart. We hope we can get this nice old boy in a great home for whatever time he has left.

Marisa and Pups (3/22/17)
A Mom's Legacy

Update 5/7: Both pups, Nike and Fila are adopted!

Marisa came into rescue with her puppies last week from an awful Kentucky shelter. The pups are just six to seven weeks old. Nike (right pup) came down with Parvo virus, was taken to the vet and put on IV fluids, Tamiflu and antibiotics. Little Fila (left pup) tested negative so she got a anti-nausea shot and diarrhea meds and is under watch. Marisa, their Mom, was hospitalized with Parvo symptoms on Tuesday. We thought she was doing better but she passed overnight at the vets Wednesday night. Parvo hits older dogs harder. It's so important to vaccinate to avoid this horrible disease. RIP sweet Marisa; we will take good care of your pups. 



Molly (3/17/17)
Let's Make Molly Better

Molly was pulled on Friday. She's just a pup, only seven or eight months old, but she's been returned to the Tennessee shelter she came from twice.

Somewhere along the line, her femur was broken and left to heal on its own. We will get her leg x-rayed to determine what can be done. For young dogs like Molly, it can be possible to pin and plate her leg so it heals properly. Femur fractures in young dogs heal very quickly; because young dogs have open growth plates so we are optimistic something can be done to help Molly regain full mobility.




Ice Cube (3/6/17)
Needs New Knees

Update 3/22: Ice Cube had her second surgery on her right knee yesterday. Still very groggy from the anesthesia and pain killers but she did wag her tail when she saw her foster brothers. Back to wearing the cone for a couple of days and a lot of rest is what Dr. Steve ordered.

Ice Cube is a 12-week old Pyr pup rescued by Great Pyrenees Rescue of Oklahoma. This sweet little lady was diagnosed by an ortho specialist with a very serious case of genetic patellar luxations and requires surgery to repair. Her knee caps are growing all the way on the side of her knee joints causing her lameness and pain; without surgery she will be unable to walk or stand in a matter of months due to the progressive abnormal conformation of the knee and hip joints, femur and tibia that will occur as she continues to grow and gain in size/weight.Her surgery estimate for both knees is over $2,000.


Dreamweaver (2/24/17)
Cannot Catch a Break

Dreamer passed in April; she developed several cancerous growths that were removed but we don't know what went on internally. She appeared as a neediest case back in September when she was brought in flat out to a vet office in Tennessee. She recuperated from her heat exhaustion, mange  and extreme neglect but cancer got her in the end. Earlier this year her foster noticed an odd growth on her face. When the vet examined her closely, he was alarmed; it was a growth dangerously close to her orbital socket and nasal cavity. The surgery went well and removed three growths on the left cheek, the right front leg, and behind her left ear. Despite this, she passed in peace after six months of loving care in rescue. 



Mattie  (2/14/17)
Some Love for a Sad Senior

Mattie came to us on Valentine's Day from an Ohio shelter. She is seven years old and unfortunately looks it, suffering from years of neglect. She was extremely matted with what appears to be flea dermatitis on her rump so severe, it's been completely denuded and raw. 

Her rear feet appear to be almost flattened to the extent that her dew claws were dragging on the floor. Now that she's been released from initial veterinary care, we're trying to make her more comfortable and time will tell what else she needs.  She's making a temporary stop at the kennel in Springfield but will be going to a volunteer who can give her more individualized care and attention. We are on what will probably be a long journey to make Mattie healthy and happier. Mattie needs our help.




Simon (2/14/17)
Not the Foot, the Hip!

Update Simon 5/5: Simon has an adopter in Florida

Update Simon 2/19:  Simon's hip needs a total replacement. He had to be wheeled from the car to vet clinic at OSU. Cost of his surgery is $5k to Rescue. Since he is a young, very sweet-tempered dog and the procedure is straight forward, we are giving him a fighting chance. This definitely wasn't in the budget! Please donate above to help with Simon's expenses. 

This boy was surrendered 3 days ago to a Kentucky shelter. He is just a year-and-a-half old, matted and covered with cockle-burrs. Shelter emailed asking for help for him because he has a hurt foot. He was there all weekend and today they said he seemed to be in a lot of pain. The vet finally saw him and his hurt foot turned out to be a dislocated hip. Rads were done at the local vet clinic and although they tried to pop his hip back into place, it did not stay in place and the area around the hip socket shows signs that he has been in this condition for a while.  Simon is being moved today for an evaluation at Ohio State and most likely FHO (femoral hip osteotomy) surgery, like Lucky below.


Precious Gracie (2/10/17)
If Only We Could

This is not a happy ending, but a very sad and typical thing we see in rescue each week. We were alerted to Gracie's plight by a call from a Good Samaritan in Alabama who found her on the side of the road. She had been hit by a car and was in very bad shape. The woman couldn't pay the vet bill to help her so she reached out to rescue. The first vet she saw knew that Gracie's legs were shattered and she could have spinal damage as well. NGPR got her to a specialty vet who did x-rays which confirmed her rear legs were shattered. After diagnostic tests, more x-rays and agonizing hours, it was determined we should let Gracie go. Our Al volunteers, Jim and Joyce, made sure she was kept comfortable on pain medication and knew that she was loved if even for a short time.  The day before, while doing a rescue transport in Alabama,  Jim found another Pyr hit by a car dead on the road. Now the next day, this girl was found. She had no tags, no collar and hardly any chance but a number of people tried very hard to help her. In the end they did, in the only way she could be helped. Please stop the indiscriminate breeding of Great Pyrenees—there are way too many urgent and dying in shelters. Please keep them safe in secure fencing and don't get one if you don't have proper fencing.  It is so sad to see them dying every day. It is awful and breaking our hearts.


Gus (2/7/17)
RIP Good Guy Gus

Gus was pulled from a Utah shelter because he wasn't eating.  Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana volunteers wanted to get him back on his feet by getting him out and evaluated. When he was examined, the vet found a mass between the tonsils and nasal cavity which was removed and sent out for a biopsy. The results of his blood tests were not good, with high levels in some critical areas. High potassium levels indicated a possible kidney problem and swollen lymph nodes pointed to lymphoma. The vet tried syringe feeding but Gus fought it. Everyone is heart broken but with a cancer prognosis and inclination not to eat,  Gus is telling us that it's time for him to cross the rainbow bridge. Rescue spent close to $1,000 to evaluate and care for Gus. It didn't work for him but may for the next dog we help.


Mutt in Ohio  (2/5/17)
Jeff's Brother, Finally

Update Mutt 4/19:  Mutt & Jeff are together (left)! Mutt has been adopted and will live with Jeff.

April When Jeff was taken in a cruelty seizure in January 2016, his brother Mutt was left behind. We waited anxiously to hear about Mutt, but it wasn't until 11 months later in November that his owners agreed to release him to rescue. He has been diagnosed with both demodetic and sarcoptic mange and after two months our vet is still battling the sarcoptic using medication and antibiotics since it has proved so resistant. With his extended care and medication, Jeff has run up bills of over $1000. Please click on the donate button above to help get Mutt mange-free.


Vail and Vida (1/28/17)
Pups Who Need Treatment!

Vail and Vida have been diagnosed with neosporosis, a disease that pups can contract from their moms in utero. It's caused by a parasite that occurs more commonly with cattle but affects dogs, too. It has muscular and neurological impacts as the dogs grow. These pups are suffering from hyperextension of their rear legs but medication and rehab is helping them improve dramatically. A special fundraiser, which is not tax-deductible, has been set up for them to cover the estimate of $10,000 for their care. Please click here to help Vail and Vida.



Sophie in Kentucky (2/3/17)
Sophie Needs Help!

We were approached by a Kentucky shelter to take this young female Pyr mix with a terrible case of mange. She's had a medicated bath and will start treatment for her condition immediately. Mange this bad is frequently accompanied by severe skin infections that can be internalized by the dog. Please click on the donate button above to help us care for Sophie.





April from Alabama (1/27/17)
Poor April is a Mess!

April is a new girl who arrived recently from an Alabama shelter. She is a year-and-a-half old. For such a young dog, she is suffering from a terrible mange condition, secondary skin infections, emaciated and loaded with worms. April is only 65 pounds now so she needs to gain another 40  pounds or so to be at a normal weight.  April will need to spend several months in rescue recovering before she can be placed. Please click on the donate button above to help us with  April's long term care.


Mounty from Kentucky (1/19/17)
Diagnois HBC  (Hit By Car)







Mounty, age ten, was lying by the side of the road for two days before he was picked up and brought to the shelter after being hit by a car. He's in horrible condition after years of neglect; the dew claws on both sides of his feet were completely ingrown. Not sure what can be done for him at this point, other than to keep him comfortable. He is favoring his back left leg, although none of his limbs are in great condition. In addition to his impact trauma, the vet has diagnosed degenerative joint disease. It appears both are ACLs chronically torn and all his joints are swollen and inflamed. His initial assessment and care cost around $800 to do. He's a pretty sedentary guy and been prescribed NSAIDs and Dasuquin to make him more comfortable for now and he seems to be doing better.


Jim from Texas (1/18/17)
A Rescue of Last Resort

Update 2/11: Good news for Jim, he has been transferred to another rescue who can give him specialized care. The funds raised will travel with him.

Jim is blind. We agreed to pull him from a Texas shelter when no one else would. Our foster in Lafayette, LA agreed to take him and keep him on her farm until a foster or adopter could be found. He's a really nice dog and doing great as he learns how to navigate his new space. Good news for Jim, he has been transferred to another rescue who can give him specialized care and the funds raised will travel with him.


Lucky in Alabama (1/4/17)
Not So Lucky, Up to Now

Kimberly writes: A few weeks ago we got a call saying Lucky had been finally caught after six weeks of a Good Samaritan trying to catch him. I had just said a tearful goodbye to my foster, Zoey, who was adopted the day I went to meet Lucky. As if his sad eyes weren't enough, I stuck my fingers through the cage and Lucky put his paw in my fingers and then squeezed tight. That's how he became my new foster. He was very underweight and heartworm positive. After his recovery from his neuter, I noticed he was not putting weight on his leg and he was chewing on himself...A LOT. He was x-rayed and we found his rear was peppered with buckshot. He also apparently suffered a big trauma to his hip—most likely hit by a car. Lucky had an FHO (femoral hip osteotomy) on 1/4/17  at a cost of $2,000 to fix his hip. Although I have picked two buck shots from his skin the rest will most likely remain. I am happy to report he has gained about 20 lbs., now weighing a nice 95.6 lb. Please send happy thoughts Lucky’s way as we continue to change his "luck“ and click the donate button above to help.


Titan (1/3/17)
Puppy in Distress!

Update 2/8: Titan (right), now called Hoppy, has been adopted to a wonderful home, his pins have been removed and his prognosis for a normal life is excellent. Life is good!

Titan (left) broke his jaw on New Year's Day and no one knows how.  His family couldn't afford the surgery to fix it and he would have been euthanized. They were told to contact rescue and our jaw dropped when we learned the cost of the surgery!

His family surrendered him to rescue Tuesday on 1/3 and he was operated on that night.  Little Titan (left), who is only 13 weeks old,  will have the pins in his jaw for six weeks. This was an expensive surgery that with aftercare will cost $5,000.

The prognosis is excellent for a full recovery as he is so young. His jaw should fuse together so he will have a normal bite as an adult. Please click on the donate button above to support our rescue of Titan.






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