NGPR has compiled the most accurate, up-to-date list of Pyr rescue organizations available, using color coding when possible to indicate rescue group category and level of effectiveness.

Please note that National Great Pyrenees Rescue is not responsible or liable for any business or activity related to any of these contacts. The color-coded rescue group rankings are based on adopter and rescue experience, and are subject to revision.

Not all groups are coded. These contacts are provided for informational purposes only. Contacts are listed alphabetically by state, with Canadian contacts following the state listings.

Rescue Ratings Color Code

blue.gif Active, dedicated rescue group, variety of dogs to choose from, strong medical/behavioral supervision provided.
yellow.gif Breed club rescue organization, usually helps purebreds only.

In situations where states have no organized rescue, we have listed responsible rescuers in neighboring states. Not all groups work with Pyr mixes or place outside of their particular state or region, so it's best to check with the group directly to verify their policies and procedures., which maintains state listings of rescue groups and shelters, is a good resource to  check for rescue help in your area.

National Pyr maintains two toll-free numbers for those who wish to speak with a rescue representative:

Adoption Information: 877-739-3582

 Shelter & Surrender Hotline:  877-372-3273

Please DO NOT CALL the Shelter/Surrender number about adopting. We will not return your call.
The Shelter/Surrender number is reserved for Pyrs in Need.

If you belong to a rescue group that wants to update its listing, please contact

Scroll to the right for links to state rescue web sites.

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