2019 Annual Pyr Appeal

2018 Annual Pyr Appeal

Our 2019 1:1 Match is On!

Our 2019 Annual Pyr Appeal starts now. Generous donors have created a matching fund that doubles the amount of your donation to rescue. The Annual Pyr Appeal helps our neediest cases and Pyrs coast-to-coast.

It's been a really tough week. A Mom and her babies picked up living at a landfill in Alabama. Mama is heartworm positive with mange. She and the puppies are loaded with parasites, which can kill a pup. Then there is the Pyr mom in Mississippi, left to roam, running the highway. She just had babies under a trailer. Several of them died, either frozen to death or starved. We started bottle-feeding them so more wouldn't die, while we searched for Mom who was finally trapped and reunited with them. Another Pyrenees was left to roam in Knoxville. She and her baby were hit and killed by a train. The two other babies are sitting beside the tracks wondering what happened. This is the third Great Pyrenees we have seen hit and killed by a train in the past week and a half. Dozens of others have been hit by cars and killed because people do not know or care that they have to keep them contained. Please help us help this breed. They are being bred indiscriminately and all too often, left to find their own way in this cruel world.

The Annual Pyr Appeal gives you the opportunity to help these dogs and leave a holiday message when you click on the donate box below. Or, send your check and message to National Great Pyrenees Rescue, P.O. Box 214, Maplecrest, NY 12454. We thank everyone who supports rescue throughout the year and especially at this time of giving.

Please save your Paypal receipt as a record of your tax-deductible contribution which will be put to work directly for the dogs. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and has received a gold star rating from GuideStar USA for non-profit transparency and accountability.

Facebook donors, there is a 2-day lag before we receive notice of your donation. If you have donated $25 or more on Facebook and would like to leave a holiday message below, please email us your message which will be added when we post your donation. Everyone else, please click the donate button below to make your donation and leave your message now. Thank you.

Annual Appeal
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    12/4/19. From Lauren in New Hampshire.
    12/4/19. From Terry in Florida.
    12/4/19. From Carol for Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana.
    12/4/19. From Stephen in Kentucky.
    12/4/19. From Josilyn in Arizona.
    12/3/19. From NGPR Alumni Dale, Bella and Jeb,. Thanks for all your hard work All Year Long. Suzanne in New Jersey.
    12/3/19. Wishes for furever homes for all our beautiful pyrs. From Grace in New Jersey.
    12/3/19. From Jennifer in Oklahoma.
    12/3/19.Merry Christmas love Teddy, Zoe, Beanitos and their mama. Vanda in Arizona.
    12/3/19. In loving memory of Sadie and Trobby. Much love from the Abalos (Utah).
    12/3/19. From Sherry in Texas..
    12/3/19. From Jacob in Colorado.
    12/3/19. Tank you for all you do. Jim in New York.
    12/3/19. From Melissa in Kansas.
    12/3/19. From Patricia in Virginia.
    12/3/19. Jennifer in Ohio.
    12/3/19. With love from Molly, our rescued Pyr pup. Kerith in Michigan.
    12/3/19. Thank you for all you do!! From Robin in Pennsylvania.
    12/3/19. Thank you to all that you do for these beautiful babies.  Brenda in New Jersey.
    12/3/19. In honor of Teegan & Teo who have taught us how amazing it is to love a Pyr. From Charles and Barb in Pennsylvania.
    12/3/19. In memory of Skye and Minna. Lawrence in Illinois.
    12/3/19. From Jeff in New Jersey.
    12/3/19. Pyrs are the absolute best! Thank you for all that you do. Penny in Georgia.
    12/3/19. From Ann and Will.
    12/3/19. From Corey.
    12/3/19. We love our rescue boy Gus (Orlando). Thank you for rescuing him & all the others! From Colette & Don.
    12/3/19. Shannon in Indiana.
    12/3/19. Thank you for all that you do for these amazing animals! Stacy in Seattle.
    12/3/19. For your neediest cases. From Ann in Oregon.
    12/3/19. In memory of Rylie and in honor of Dakota. Kathleen in California.
    12/3/19. From Kristi in Kansas.
    12/3/19. From June.
    12/3/19. Merry Christmas from my two Pyrs, Cassidy and Gibbs (Ian). Love them both! Norma in Sequim, WA
    12/3/19. We love the breed and are on the adoption waiting list now! Hoping to have a new fur family member by Christmas! Molly in Washington.
    12/3/19. Donated on behalf of Scamp! Mary in Virginia.
    12/3/19. You are a wonderful group. Joan From Sharon in Indiana.
    12/3/19. So grateful for all the volunteers. Stella in Texas.
    12/3/19. Absolutely love these dogs! Randy in Arkansas.
    12/3/19. Sending wonderful holiday wishes to NGPR and all the Pyrs they save. With love, Rumpole (NGPR Rescue), Beau and Isla in Massachusetts.
    12/3/19. Thank you for all that you do. Maureen in Massachusetts.
    12/3/19. For all our Pyrs. Harriet in Alabama.
    12/3/19. Happy Ho Ho! Jean in Tennessee.
    12/3/19. From Andrei in Georgia.
    12/3/19. Thank you for all you do for these amazing animals. Kristen in Massachusetts.
    12/3/19. From Jane in Rhode Island.
    12/3/19. In memory of Anna and Teddy and a thank you to NGPR for saving Mater for us. Happy Holidays! Memorie in Kentucky.
    12/3/19. Happy Holidays! Michael in Florida.
    12/3/19. Merry Xmas. Kathleen in Washington, D.C.
    12/3/19. Thank you for saving these beautiful animals! Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    12/3/19. Merry Christmas! Thanks to you all for saving these wonderful creatures. Pam in Rhode Island.
    12/3/19. Merry Christmas from NGPR rescue Morag (formerly Penelope). Murray in Ontario.
    12/3/19. Merry Christmas and wishes for warm snuggly beds for the pups!! Barbara in Mississippi.
    12/3/19. Thank you for everything you do. Ariella in Massachusetts.
    12/3/19. With grateful appreciation for all you do. Julia in Virginia.
    12/3/19. From Joanne and Michael in Pennsylvania.
    12/3/19. Merry Christmas to all the volunteers who help rescue Pyrs in need. From Martha in Kentucky.
    12/3/19. Sweetest Dogs Ever. Thanks for all you do! From Linda in Connecticut.
    12/3/19. From Mauricio.
    12/3/19. I thank God for the blessing He gave by giving us Pyrs - and for you all and your work saving them. God bless you! Jeanne in Washington.
    12/3/19.Merry Christmas from Billie, Boone and Daisy! Billie in Tennessee.
    12/3/19. I have never had a Pyr in my life, there is something so special about this majestic breed. From Maureen in New Jersey.
    12/3/19. For Teddy Bear & Simcha. Jan in Virginia.
    12/3/19. For every pure heart and innocent life. Marianne in Ohio.
    12/2/19. Thank you for all you do for these wonderful dogs. Merry Christmas from Gail, Allen, Luna and Fargo from Arizona.
    12/2/19. For Jack. From Sonja in New York.
    12/2/19. Merry Christmas to all at NGPR and in memory of Buddy who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this weekend. From Amy in New York.
    12/2/19.Thanks to all who rescue and care for these beautiful animals. Please keep up the good work! Jane in New Jersey.
    12/2/19. Thank you for all your hard work! Jane in Pennsylvania.
    12/2/19. In memory of Chief Graciano. From Noreen.
    12/2/19. From Ron in Pennsylvania.
    12/2/19. To all the Pyrenees that I have known. Thomas in Michigan.
    12/1/19. From Allison in Massachusetts.
    12/1/19. From Ross in Tennessee.
    12/1/19. From Wendy in Ohio.
    12/1/19. From Joan in Indiana for the Springfield kennel dogs.
    12/1/19. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. From Wanda and Patricia in North Carolina.
    11/30/19. From Michael in Washington, D.C.
    11/30/19. From Debra.
    11/30/19. From Deborah.
    11/30/19. From Elizabeth.
    11/30/19. Merry Christmas to all the people who have hearts for Great Pyrenees! Eunyung in New Jersey.
    11/30/19. Thanks for all you do for these Wonderful dogs! We are so happy with our pup Baloo that we adopted 3 months ago. Elisabeth in Washington.
    11/30/19. Happy holidays from Bigly and NGPR alum Izzy!! Elizabeth in Ohio.
    11/30/19. Love and gratitude, Murphy. Elizabeth in Massachusetts.
    11/30/19. From Eugenia in Utah.
    11/30/19. From Market & Convert in New Jersey.
    11/30/19. For Boo Bear. From Kathleen.
    11/29/19. Luv my PYR Merry Christmas to all pyr parents. From Bob in North Carolina.
    11/29/19. A blessed Christmas to the beautiful Pyrs. From Steven in Colorado.
    11/29/19. From Rose in Texas.
    11/29/19. From Jaye in Mississippi.
    11/29/19. From Janine in Utah.
    11/29/19. From David in Wisconsin.
    11/29/19. From Kathleen in North Carolina.
    11/29/19. Merry Christmas from Louie, Beau, Carly and JJ. Julie in New York.
    11/29/19. May all the love and magic Pyrs bring us return to you many times over! Angel blessings beautiful babies! Francisca in Mexico.
    11/29/19. From Karin in Tennessee.
    11/29/19. Love from Aslan, Atlas, and Lollipop. From Sharon in Indiana.
    11/29/19. From Leonardo in New Jersey.
    11/29/19. Dedicated to all the Pyrs we have loved and rescued over the years. We have three wonderful Pyrs in our home now. Laura in New Mexico.
    11/29/19. In memory of my precious Heidi. Lesley in Tennessee.
    11/29/19. Enter Your Holiday Message: So grateful for my pyr Gracie. Robin in new New York.
    11/29/19. From Andrea in Massachusetts.
    11/29/19. Remembering Winston who passed away in June 2019 From Michael in Pennsylvania.
    11/29/19. With love from my rescue Wopper. From Louise in Rhode Island.
    11/29/19. Thank you. From Daniel in Wisconsin.
    11/29/19. In honor of Sammy the tripod, still thinking of you. Mary in Georgia.
    11/29/19. From Susan and Jack, the best dog ever, in New York.
    11/29/19. From K.L.U. in North Carolina. Thank you for all you do for our 4 legged family members!
    11/29/19. From Carly. Love Panda the Rescue Pyr living happily in Montana.
    11/29/19. So happy to have loved two pyrs. Ann in Rhode Island.
    11/29/19. Merry Christmas from our 3-legged Sunshine, our wonderful rescue Pyr. Thank you National Pyr. From Caroline in Connecticut.
    11/29/19. From Richard in New York.
    11/29/19. From Judith and Bill in Pennsylvania.
    11/29/19. Happy Holidays to all from Bailey in New York. From Holly. (rescued 6-1/2 years ago)!
    11/29/19. Happy Holidays from Velcro the rescued Pyr and The Lagona's in New York.
    11/29/19. From Sally and Harold in New York.
    11/29/19. From Tempra and Daniel in Idaho.
    11/29/19. From Cynthia and John in Indiana.
    11/29/19. From Tamar on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Brian on Facebook
    11/29/19. From Carol in Pennsylania on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Jan on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Linda on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Lilli in New Jersey on Facebook
    11/29/19. From Jaye on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Kathleen on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Lori on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Gayle in Michigan on Facebook
    11/29/19. From Karen on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Cindy on Facebook.
    11/29/19. From Julia on Facebook.



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