2017 Annual Appeal

2015 Annual Pyr Appeal

Holiday Magic! Your Donation Is Now Doubled
*** Total Raised Through 9:30 pm PST 12/31: $54,785 ***
Thank you and Happy New Year!


These six feral pups came into rescue this week. One of our Kentucky fosters took them in to avoid having them surrendered to an overcrowded shelter. Your donation can help save more dogs like these young Pyr/Maremma mixes.

The Annual Pyr Appeal helps our neediest cases and other Pyrs coast to coast. Our 1:1 match challenge is on once again this year! Major donors have joined together to match the funds raised, so $25 becomes $50; $100 becomes $200, etc. Please consider making a donation to NGPR and leaving a holiday message below. Some of the many dogs we've rescued can be seen on our holiday video. We have many neediest cases  and the sheer number of urgent dogs at shelters has made boarding costs soar. Pulling a dog from a shelter is only the beginning. Some dogs are with us for only a few weeks but others are with us for months.

Our Annual Appeal match is made possible by the generous support of Charles and Jennifer Laue, the John F. Welch Jr. Foundation, Pyr Bliss Farm, Christina Holmes, Wanda Flatters and Patricia Lillquist.

Please save your Paypal receipt as a record of your tax-deductible contribution which will be put to work directly for the dogs. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit and has received a gold star rating from GuideStar USA for non-profit transparency and accountability. 

Please enter your message and click on the donate box below or send your check to National Great Pyrenees Rescue, P.O. Box 214, Maplecrest, NY 12454. We thank everyone who has supported us this year and all our Annual Pyr Appeal contributors.

Annual Appeal
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    12/31/17. From Linda and Michael in Massachusetts.
    12/31/17. From Ward in New Jersey.
    12/31/17. From Thomas and Jeanne O'Connor in California.
    12/31/17. From Michael in Maine.
    12/31/17. Thank you for all that you do for these amazing animals! Stacy in Washington.
    12/31/17. For Jake, Homer, Phebe, Shadow, and Molly. James in Ohio.
    12/31/17. Keep up the good work! - Bella from VA
    12/31/17. Christian in Connecticut.
    12/31/17. Georganna in Florida.
    12/31/17. In loving memory of our beloved Pyr Chelsie, and in honor of our NGPR fosters. Gloria in Kentucky.
    12/31/17. In Memory of Ken and Hugo. Lisa in Kentucky (2 of 2)
    12/31/17. For the added help in KY. Thank you for all you do. Lisa in KY. (1 of 2)
    12/31/17. Alumni Dale, Bella & Jeb thank NGPR for their hard work all throughout the year!! Thanks so much. Suzanne in NJ
    12/31/17. Laurie in Rhode Island.
    12/31/17. From Jeremy in Illinois.
    12/31/17. God Bless you all! Donna in New York.
    12/31/17. From Betty Lou in New Jersey.
    12/31/17. From Ann.
    12/31/17. Thank you for taking care of all the Pyrs in need! Pam in Oklahoma.
    12/31/17. Happy New Year and thank you for all you do. Karen in New York.
    12/31/17. We love our big boy - if you hadn't rescued him, we'd be missing a big part of our life. Thank-you! Jeffrey in Virginia.
    12/31/17. For Tex. Jeffrey in New York.
    12/31/17. Adopt don't shop. Stephen in New Jersey.
    12/31/17. In memory of our rescued Pyrs. Kimberly in Kentucky.
    12/31/17. Mchael in Virginia.
    12/31/17. Thanks for what you do! KLU in North Carolina.
    12/31/17. Amy in Ohio.
    12/31/17. Keep up the GREAT work!!! Phillip in New Jersey.
    12/31/17. On behalf of Zuri and Steve, our Pyrs. Happy New Year! Ms. Pangea in Oregon.
    12/31/17. Amy in Maryland.
    12/31/17. Susan in New York.
    12/31/17. Happy New Year! Christina in Colorado.
    12/31/17. Christopher in North Carolina.
    12/31/17. Thank you National Pyr Rescue for saving us...we are living a happy, pampered life in NJ...Mason & Dixie. Linda in New Jersey.
    12/31/17.In memory of Quigley, who was a great mentor to his Pyr fosters. William in Virginia.
    12/31/17. In memory of Neo, Bella, and my dearest Pocket. Lisa in Washington.
    12/31/17. From a Pyr lover in Wisconsin. Karin.
    12/31/17. Donation for our Golden/Pyr. Wade in Georgia.
    12/31/17. Kevin in Washington.
    12/31/17. Thank you. Michelle in Tennessee.
    12/31/17. May all the pyrs (and every other dog) have a happy new year! Jonathan in Oregon.
    12/31/17. Erika in Utah.
    12/31/17. In memory of Kennedy! Alan in Texas.
    12/31/17. Best wishes for the coming year from Carly (formerly of Maryland). Julia in Virginia.
    12/31/17. Happy New Year. Julie in Oregon.
    12/31/17. From NGPR alumni, Toby! Eric in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/17. In memory of Beau. A wonderful NGPR companion who passed Dec 28, 2017. Carole in Vermont.
    12/31/17. In loving memory of Brody and Chunk (aka Noah). Thank you for what you do. Kerry in Maine.
    12/31/17. From Sue in Colorado.
    12/31/17. Beautiful loyal friends. From Marianne in Connecticut.
    12/31/17. From Amy in Pennsylvania.
    12/31/17. From Kimberly in Illinois.
    12/31/17. From Genevieve and Wilhelm in Vermont.
    12/31/17. Thank you for rescuing our Lincoln and all of the other beautiful pyrs! Jane in Michigan.
    12/31/17. From Genevieve and Wilhlem in Vermont.
    12/31/17. Thank you.  Steven in Georgia.
    12/31/17. from Lexa and Finn in Maine. Mona.
    12/31/17. In memory of tuckerman, Bridger, and Cannon. Lyn in Rhode Island.
    12/31/17. From Keri in Massachusetts.
    12/31/17. From Luna and Barkley, both NGPR rescues. Jane in New York.
    12/31/17. From Teddy Oliver the Pyr, in California. Diane.
    12/31/17. From Ward in Oregon.
    12/30/17. In gratitude for Moose and Boo. Lisa in Louisiana.
    12/30/17. We're so close to our goal! Kristin in Ohio.
    12/30/17. From Richard in California.
    12/30/17. From Sydney in Oregon.
    12/30/17. From Pam & Mike Creswell, Bear & Ursa (adopted thru GPRS) in Oregon
    12/30/17. Merry Christmas and thank you from Louie! Jennifer in Washington.
    12/30/17. From Deborah in Oregon.
    12/30/17. New Americans Alliance for Development, Minnesota.
    12/30/17. From Kenneth in Connecticut.
    12/30/17. Donating in honor of my sweet Sadie who is a Great Pyr mix. Cynthia in Kentucky.
    12/30/17. Thank You for all that you do!! We adopted our wonderful Molly from one of your fosters in Kentucky in May 2016!! (She now lives in Buffalo, NY!) Kathleen in New York.
    12/30/17. Happy New Year from Renate in Memphis TN
    12/30/17. Luv Pyrs. From Eva in Florida.
    12/30/17. In memory of Pyr/Saint brothers Cody and Buddy who started our love affair with Great Pyrenees! From Barbara in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/17. Happy New Year. Thank you for all you do for the puppy dogs! Kristi in Colorado.
    12/30/17. Fabulous organization! love the saturday podcasts! Alison in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/17. From Sheri in New York.
    12/30/17. From Julie in Georgia.
    12/30/17. To all the fur babies and volunteers. From Deborah in Ohio.
    12/30/17. Enjoy your treats - Molly the Pyr. From Mark in Washington.
    12/30/17. Happy New Year. From Nina in Ohio.
    12/30/17. From Beau - The Great Pyr of Harlem, NYC. From Avram in New York.
    12/30/17. In Memory of Ripley von Maier. From Sheryl in Indiana.
    12/30/17. Thank you for all you do, from our Oregon Pyrs Olaf and Arne! From Debra in Oregon.
    12/30/17. From Courtney in Kansas.
    12/30/17. For our rescue Pyr, Denali - you are a bright star in my life. From Dave in Oregon.
    12/30/17. From Patricia in Maryland.
    12/30/17. Thank you Sue Debili! From Susanne in Oregon.
    12/30/17. From Sheryl in Oklahoma.
    12/30/17. Merry Christmas Pyrs! From Sara in Connecticut.
    12/30/17. For all the senior Pyrs like our Tommy. From Jeanine in Utah.
    12/30/17. Thank you for helping so many dogs! From Tracy in Oregon.
    12/30/17. From David in Pennsylvania.
    12/30/17. From Andrei in Georgia.
    12/30/17. Merry Christmas ... Santa. From Peter in New Hampshire.
    12/30/17. I adopted two of your dogs and they are having a great holiday - hopefully a lot of adoptions will occur this next year! From Nancy in Florida.
    12/30/17. With love for all you do! From Susan in Tennessee.
    12/30/17. Happy New Year Anabelle, Baron, Skye and Duchess. From Jane in Texas.
    12/30/17. From Georganna in Florida.
    12/30/17. Thanks. From Susan in Connecticut.
    12/30/17. With love. From SkyCipher LLC in Texas.
    12/29/17. From Jeannie in Oregon.
    12/29/17. For MONTANA Pyrs--thank you so much for all you do! From Annie. (2 of 2)
    12/29/17. For MONTANA Pyrs--thank you so much for all you do! From Annie. (1 of 2)
    12/29/17. From Cedric in Kentucky.
    12/29/17. In honor of Ed, Jessica and Lola (a great pyrenee). From Kathleen.
    12/29/17. From Donna in Virginia.
    12/29/17. From Nala in California.
    12/29/17. From Ben and Annie in Connecticut.
    12/29/17. From my loving Pyr Rescue, Panda in Montana. (2 of 2)
    12/29/17. From my loving Pyr Rescue, Panda in Montana. (1 of 2)
    12/29/17. From Lily and Bailey in Massachusetts.
    12/29/17. From Pamela in Oregon.
    12/29/17. Happy Holidays from the Roy pack–Falkor, Athena, Kali, Mutt and Jeff in Ohio.
    12/29/17. Pyrs are the best Charlotte in Pennsylvania.
    12/28/17. In honor of NGPR and Barbara and Joye and all of the angels that saved our Sully and London. From Trish and Karen in Pennsylvania.
    12/28/17. Bless all of you! From Peggy in Rhode Island.
    12/28/17. In Loving Memory of William Willis who died Christmas Eve. From Theresa in Maryland.
    12/28/17. From Satu and Bernadette in Washington.
    12/29/17. From Tom in Oregon.
    12/28/17. From Judy in Ohio.
    12/28/17. From Steve in Ohio.
    12/28/17. From Erica in Pennsylvania.
    12/27/17. Thank you for the wonderful work you do! From Ellen in New York.
    12/27/17. From Nancy in Connecticut.
    12/27/17. From Kim in Washington.
    12/27/17. From Margaret in Maryland.
    12/27/17. From Linda in New Jersey.
    12/27/17. Happy holidays to all. And thank you to the organization for all you do. From Claudia in New York.
    12/27/17. Warm, safe holidays, puppies! Love Jeana.
    12/27/17. Merry Christmas - this donation is on behalf of Jordan my lovely Pyr addition. From Jacqueline in Florida.
    12/27/17. From Anonymous.
    12/26/17. From Charlotte in Washington.
    12/26/17. From Karen in Tennessee.
    12/26/17. From Pam in Rhode Island (2 of 2).
    12/26/17. From Pam in Rhode Island (1 of 2).
    12/26/17. Happy Holidays, sweet dogs! From Mary in Indiana.
    12/26/17. From Cheryl in Georgia.
    12/26/17. Happy Pyrs in 2018! From Deborah in Massachusetts.
    12/26/17. Thank you for all your work saving pyrs! From Jennifer in Washington.
    12/26/17. Thank you for Sadie who makes us laugh and cheer out loud every day. Mr. Kohl and Lianne in Connecticut.
    12/26/17. In honor of KC. Hope you find your way home soon. From Marlyss in Maryland.
    12/26/17.Thank you for all the hard work you do! From Carol in Illinois.
    12/26/17. For all the Pyrs. From Susan in Kentucky.
    12/26/17. Our two rescue Pyrs are our wonderful kids. Keep up the great work. From Mary in New Mexico.
    12/26/17. Merry Christmas to all our White Bears! Bob & Lynda D. Parents to Sampson 2016. From Robert in New Jersey.
    12/26/17. For Kc, wherever she is. From Russell in Maryland.
    12/26/17. Merry Christmas Pyrs! From Eva & Eric in Connecticut.
    12/26/17. From Cornelia in New York.
    12/26/17. Love Roxy and Miley. From Bob in Massachusetts.
    12/25/17. From Roger.
    12/25/17. In honor of my sister, Jean, who loves Pyrs! From Gail in Delaware (2 of 2).
    12/25/17. In honor of my sister, Jean, who loves Pyrs! From Gail in Delaware (1 of 2).
    12/24/17. From Laurie in Delaware.
    12/23/17. Happy Holidays from Aria Kelly. Woof!! From Lisa in Pennsylvania.
    12/23/17. Merry Christmas in honor of Storm, a Great Pyr mix rescue we miss dearly. From Colleen in Massachusetts.
    12/23/17. Happy Doggy Days Holidays! From Larry in Kentucky.
    12/23/17. From Winston, a Great Pyr mix rescue. From Karen in New York.
    12/23/17. In honor of Dakota and memory of Rylie. From Kathleen.
    12/23/17. Thank you, Zack Auclair, Merry Christmas!!!!! From Michael in Massachusetts.
    12/22/17. For GPRS. Charlene in Texas.
    12/22/17. With love & gratitude from NGPRS-alum, Wyatt - Washington State. Jamie.
    12/22/17. From Kathryn in Oklahoma.
    12/22/17. From Wanda, Patricia, Rufus, Ace and Ginger in North Carolina.
    12/22/17. From Kalina in California.
    12/22/17. Wonderful work of saving so many Pyrs. From Joanne in Pennsylvania.
    12/22/17. From Lisa.
    12/22/17. From Nicole.
    12/21/17. In Loving Memory of Polar from Carol in Washington.
    12/21/17. Our rescues, Zoey and Zorro, brighten our lives throughout the entire year!. Merry Christmas from Chuck & Tami in Illinois!
    12/20/17. From Thomas in Michigan.
    12/20/17. From Brent and Lyn in Utah.
    12/19/17. Merry Christmas from Lynn Groves! From Jaclyn in Florida.
    12/19/17. In loving memory of Mandy & Bantam, from Kelly, Vanessa, & Becca in Massachusetts.
    12/19/17. We all miss you so much, Bode Snow. From Mark in Pennsylvania.
    12/18/17. From Kathryn in Washington.
    12/18/17.From Helene and Ashlyn in New Jersey.
    12/18/17. From Brenda in New Jersey.
    12/17/17. Merry Christmas from Winston, adopted in 2006. Michael in Pennsylvania.
    12/17/17. Hudson & Riley Wish Everyone Happy Holidays . Robert & Yvette in Pennsylvania.
    12/17/17. From JoAnne in Pennsylvania.
    12/17/17. From Carla in Pennsylvania.
    12/17/17. Your devoted work is life saving, Whopper adopted 2017. From Louise in Kentucky.
    12/16/17. From Mary Ann in Georgia.
    12/16/17. From Jim in New York.
    12/16/17. From Arthur.
    12/16/17. From Claire in New Jersey.
    12/16/17. From Cindy in Ohio.
    12/16/17. From Marv, Elsie and Liam in New York.
     12/16/17. For our great volunteers. From Barbara in New York.
    12/16/17. From Jean and Allen in Washington.
    12/16/17. In memory of Bandit. From Patricia in New Jersey.
    12/15/17. For the love of Pyrs. From Louise in Arizona.
    12/14/17. Happy Holidays from Bailey (Great Pyr/Anatolian). Holly in Oregon.
    12/14/17. In honor of our rescue Pyr Kaleo who lived to 15.5 or 16 years. From Ramona in California.
    12/13/17. Thank you for all you do. My mom's Pyr rescue is happy and healthy thanks to you! From Jessica in Idaho.
    12/13/17. From Martha in Kentucky.
    12/13/17. What a great organization! From Tom in New York.
    12/13/17. Thank you for all that you do. Linda in Connecticut.
    12/12/17. Thank you for all that you do. We love our rescue pyr so much. From the Nierman's in Pennsylvania.
    12/12/17. Thank you for all you do. Merry Christmas to all. Ruth in New York.
    12/11/17. Merry Christmas to Abby and Denver! Scott in Connecticut.
    12/11/17. Happy Holidays from Kona and Miko, happy adoptees from National Pyr Rescue. Alan in Oregon.
    12/11/17. The Germroths in Florida - Love your work and we love our pyr .
    12/11/17. Merry Christmas from Jasmine, Grace and Beowulf in Virginia.
    12/11/17. We LOVE our GPRS Pyr, now known as Ghost. Thank you for all that you do. Ghost helps make our house a home. From the Dailey's in Oregon.
    12/11/17. From Richard in New York.
    12/11/17. Happy Holidays to all rescue pyrs and their masters from Paula, Sal, Kaiser, Django and Jaco.
    12/11/17. From Marcia in Florida.
    12/5/17. From Sally and Harold in New York.
    12/11/17. Happy Holidays on Behalf of Mikka, Nanook & Shiloh. From Yumi in Nevada.
    12/10/17. From Christopher in Texas.
    12/10/17. From Linda in Rhode Island.
    12/10/17. From Steve in New York.
    12/10/17. Merry Christmas from Casper and Abby in Pennsylvania. Judith.
    12/10/17. May all of our Pyrenees enjoy Xmas!!! From Rich in New York.
    12/10/17. To new families. From CK in Idaho.
    12/10/17. God bless these beautiful dogs! From Tracey in New York.
    12/10/17. Merry Christmas from Rory. From Catherine in New York.
    12/10/17. From Doreen in New York.
    12/8/17. From Sue in Pennsylvania.
    12/9/17. Merry Christmas from Maureen, Carl, Crystal, Denali and Jasper in Pennsylvania.
    12/8/17. From Jae.
    12/8/17. From Herington Painting in New York.
    12/8/17. This donation is made in the memory of my big boy Koda who recently passed away. He was truly my gentle giant. From Lorraine in New Jersey.
    12/7/17. May we be able to help even more dogs in 2018 than we did in 2017. And God Bless all or the wonderful volunteers who make rescue possible. From Suzanne in New York.
    12/3/17. From Sasha and family in New Jersey.
    11/30/17. God Bless all the wonderful volunteers and fosters!! And thank you for our 2 beautiful rescue Pyrs. Blessings to all my Pyr friends. From Deanna in Washington.
    11/30/17. God Bless all the wonderful volunteers and fosters!! And thank you for our 2 beautiful rescue Pyrs. From Mary in New Mexico.
    11/29/17. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays. From Josephine in Connecticut.
    11/28/17. From Mary Lee in Maine.
    11/28/17. From Wendy and Charles in New York.
    11/28/17. Thank you. From Bruce and Sandy in New York.
    11/28/17. From Sharon in Ohio.
    11/28/17. From Maisy and family. Debra in Kentucky.
    11/28/17. From Sandra in Michigan.
    11/28/17. From Karra in Oregon.
    11/28/17. We loved our first experience as a foster family and we are so impressed with all you do to save these beautiful animals, and create wonderful new families! From Mary in Washington.
    11/28/17. From Amy in Oregon.
    11/28/17. From Julie in Kentucky.
    11/28/17. Thank you for saving these wonderful dogs. Georganna in Florida.
    11/28/17. From Bob in North Carolina.
    11/28/17. From Kristi in Colorado.
    11/28/17. From Jessie in Montana.
    11/28/17. Thank you for all you do to rescue these beauties! My cat, Marley, is hoping this is the year a cat-loving Pyr comes to live with us! From Colleen in New Hampshire.
    11/28/17. From Lauren in Washington.
    11/28/17. From Brenda in Minnesota.
    11/28/17. From Gail.
    11/28/17. From Penny the Pyr in Oklahoma.
    11/28/17. Thank you so much for all that you do. Sending love and gratitude. Annalisa in Maine.
    11/28/17. Happy Barking. From Lynn in Ohio.
    11/28/17. From our foster fail Melrose in Oregon. Thank you to GPRS and all the volunteers for the amazing work you do saving lives. Nicole in Oregon.
    11/28/17. Thank you for all you do!! From my NGPR girl Shelby. Jessica in New Jersey.
    11/28/17. From Kyle in Illinois.
    11/28/17. Thank you for doing such good work. From my NGPR girl Shelby. Robin in New York.
    11/28/17. From Jennifer in New Jersey.
    11/28/17. Happy Giving Tuesday from Sal, Paula, Kaiser, Django and Jaco in Rhode Island.
    11/28/17. From Nancy in Maryland.
    11/28/17. Thanks to NGPR for everything you do ALL year long! From Suzanne in New Jersey.
    11/28/17. From Sarah in New York.
    11/28/17. We love our boy Bear and can't wait to get our girl Holly. From Alison in Massachusetts.
    11/28/17. Thank you God for giving us our beautiful Great Pyrenees! From Lorie in New York.
    11/28/17. Happy Holidays from the Valente Family in New York.
    11/28/17. From Jilly in Washington.
    11/28/17. From Terry in Florida.
    11/28/17. This is in honor of Lucy's birthday today. We adopted her last February from this great rescue. We love her! Marcie in New York.
    11/28/17. Merry Christmas from Ezri and Oso! Kelly in California.
    11/28/17. From William in Oregon.
    11/28/17. In Loving memory of Bandit & Isabella who passed over the bridge this year. Michael in Ohio.
    11/28/17. From William in Oregon.
    11/28/17. Thanks for all the good work you do. Cedric in Kentucky.
    11/28/17. To the Springfield gang. Thanks for all you do for the dogs. I'm saving money to buy a house, so I can foster and adopt next year. Merry Christmas, keep watching every Saturday.
    11/28/17. Sophie a rescue Pyr wish you a Merry Christmas. From Cynthia in Idaho.
    11/28/17. From Doris in Massachusetts.
    11/28/17. Happy Holidays, Pyrs! From Jennifer in Washington.
    11/28/17. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Clarys in New York.
    11/28/17. Here's a token of my appreciation for all that you do! Keep up the good work. From the Stickland Family in Maryland.
    11/28/17. From Cynthia.
    11/28/17. Henri's wish is that every furbaby gets a loving home! Lynn in Maine.
    11/28/17. From Sarah in New York.
    11/28/17. From Daniel in Idaho.
    11/28/17. Love to you all. From Linda in Arizona.
    11/28/17. In memory of Naomi. Janet in Oregon.
    11/28/17. From Kathy in North Carolina.
    11/28/17. We LOVE Pyrs!! From Janet in Florida.
    11/28/17. RIP Miss Molly Blue my Hurricane Katrina rescue xoxo. From Cheryl in Florida.
    11/28/17. Happy Holidays from the Dines Family in New York.
    11/28/17. From Kristin in Montana.
    11/28/17. From Emily in Massachusetts.
    11/28/17. Merry Christmas from Paddington & Hannah! Melissa in Kansas.
    11/28/17. Thanks for our delightful bright spark, Linus! Christine, Pixel, Finn, Hazel and The Stig in Washington.
    11/28/17. From Jane in Rhode Island.
    11/28/17. From Bear in Oregon. Jennifer.
    11/28/17. Thanks for all you do! Michael in Washington.
    11/28/17. Happy Holidays from Lou in New York.
    11/28/17. From Riita in Florida.
    11/28/17. Merry Christmas to all who rescue pyrs in need. From Martha in Kentucky.
    11/28/17. From Daphnis, Chloe and Neige and all my Pyr spirits from New Mexico. Carol in New York.
    11/28/17. From Kimberly in Illinois.
    11/28/17. From Grier, Kierra and Millie in New Jersey.
    11/28/17. With thoughts for all the Pyrs out there waiting for someone to help them. Christine in Florida.
    11/28/17. For Mia and Abby. From Sarah in Pennsylvania.
    11/28/17. From Steven.
    11/28/17. From Sue in Colorado.
    11/28/17. In memory of Jim Veiga. From Kathy in Massachusetts.
    11/28/17. Wishing happy days for all the pups you help. From Theo in New York.
    11/28/17. Merry Christmas from the O'Learys in Kentucky.
    11/28/17. From Terry in Ohio.
    11/28/17. From Jessie in Montana.
    11/28/17. From Gayle & Pat (Pyr owners and NPRG volunteers) in Massachusetts.
    11/28/17. From Tamara in New York.
    11/28/17. From Louise in Indiana.
    11/28/17. Happy Endings from the Davis Zoo, PA Branch, Saylor, Presiding Pyr! Deborah in Pennsylvania.
    11/28/17. In memory of Lennox. From Barb in Indiana.
    11/28/17. Love from Blue & the Fleming's. Jody in New York.
    11/28/17. Here's to the Pyr's! From Sabine in North Carolina.
    11/28/17. Thanks from Simcha & Teddy Bear. Jan in Virginia.
    11/28/17. From Erika in Utah.
    11/28/17. From David in Florida.
    11/28/1. In memory of all my babies. Terry in Tennessee .
    11/26/17. Happy Holidays from Sadie and the Nelson Family in Texas.
    11/26/17. Thank you! From Peg in Texas.
    11/25/17. Merry Christmas! Thanks for all you do! From Nancy in Colorado.
    11/25/17. Merry Christmas to all my Pyr friends! From William in Indiana.
    11/25/17. In Memory of Ken! From Allen in Texas.
    11/25/17. Thankful for my rescue and foster fail Daisy. From Charlotte in Oregon.
    11/25/17. From Tori in Washington.
    11/25/17. Every Pyr deserves a family for X-Mas. From Nancy in New Jersey.
    11/25/17. Hoping you save many more like our Graham. From Helen in Delaware.
    11/24/17. From Charles in Oregon.
    11/24/17. From Susan in Vermont.
    11/24/17. Many blessings and holiday joy from Thor and The Cunningham Family. From Lorraine in Pennsylvania.
    11/24/17. Happy Holidays to all the National Pyr Rescue dogs and may you find your forever homes soon! From Laurie in Rhode Island.
    11/24/17. From Kimberly in Illinois.
    11/24/17. In memory of Bear & Sam, 2 beloved rescue Pyrs in West Virginia. Lara.
    11/24/17. From Laurie in Rhode Island.
    11/24/17. Merry Christmas from Chubb's on Cape Cod. Laura in Massachusetts.
    11/24/17. Christmas joy to all from Norma in Washington.
    11/24/17. In honor of our beloved rescued Pyrs, Sugar and Auggie. Samantha in Rhode Island.
    11/24/17. Happy holidays to a wonderful organization! Kim in Virginia.
    11/24/17. Many blessings. Paulina in Arizona.
    11/24/17. To help heal and find forever homes. Elizabeth in Massachusetts.
    11/24/17. Our Thanksgiving has been made so much happier now that we have our beloved rescue Scarlett! Gerry and Floyd in Massachusetts.
    11/24/17. Happy Howladays from Helen, Steve & Luca in New Jersey.
    11/16/17. Merry Christmas to All! From Patricia in Oklahoma.
    11/12/17. From Daniel and Tempra in Idaho.



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