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Steps to Adoption

There are several steps to adoption that all applicants must follow. How long this process takes usually depends on how quickly applicants respond when contacted.  Complete the online application when you are ready to adopt and be sure you can schedule time to do the phone interview and the virtual home visit.

Completing the Application
The adoption process starts with the completion of an adoption application. This gives us the information we need to start learning about your needs, lifestyle and requirements. Please use our online application. If you change your mind at any time during the adoption process, please let us know. We will not be offended if you write back and tell us. We will appreciate hearing from you and will remove your name from the list of potential adopters.

References and Interviewing
When an online application is received, you will be contacted by a volunteer within a few days confirming that we have your application.

  • Vet Check: We will check your veterinary references. Please include all veterinarians used over the past 5-10 years on your application even if you have not owned a dog.
  • Yard Photographs: You will hear from the adoption coordinator assigned to you when a successful vet check has been completed or if we have questions. The adoption coordinator assigned to your application will request a complete set of photos giving a 360 degree view of your yard, fencing, gates and latches.
  • Phone Interview: The coordinator will then arrange a time to speak so they can learn more about you, your requirements and what dogs would be a good match for your family.
  • Virtual Home Visit: It's possible your coordinator may skip the telephone interview and email you to arrange the virtual home visit. VHVs are live, interactive interviews done during daylight hours on Facetime, Facebook messenger, Zoom or other application that allows you to move freely through your house and yard. The volunteer will spend time visiting with you and learning more about your home so we can ensure the right match will be made for your family.

Assuming Ownership
Once you have been approved and a suitable dog has been agreed upon, your coordinator will work on the transport arrangements.  When the date of transfer has been decided, you will be emailed the contract and instructions for paying the adoption fee a few days in advance. Transport fees are included in the adoption fee. 

The adoption process starts with completing the adoption application and ends with signing the adoption contract and assuming ownership of the dog. As the new owner, you assume complete responsibility for the dog's health and well-being. If for any reason the adoption does not work out, you must contact NGPR immediately as our contract states we will take back any dog whose adoption does not succeed.

This is a big dog, and a big responsibility. But we believe that you, like most Pyr owners, will find that the time and effort you spend will be more than rewarded by your wonderful dog's lifelong love and devotion to you.

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