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This form is for those who are volunteering.  If you would like to read about the volunteer program, click here.  If you are volunteering to foster, please note that we will do our best to find a dog that suits your preferences and lifestyle. Foster dogs are assigned from the pool of dogs needing foster.  To learn more about what we expect from you as a foster and what you can expect from us, read our fostering FAQs.

If you have a particular dog in mind and are fostering-to-adopt this particular dog, please complete our Adoption Application.


I Would Like to:


NGPR avoids transporting dogs long distances when possible, and usually only requires trips within a 75-mile radius of your home.

NGPR has a number of volunteers spread throughout our region and tries to find, whenever possible, the closest volunteer within an hour's driving time.

Similar to home visits, NGPR tries to find the closest volunteers within an hour's traveling time to visit and evaluate dogs who need rescue. It is also possible to request that the dog be brought to you, or to meet somewhere in between.

Do you have a special skill? We would like to hear about it. Services could include bookkeeping, legal, financial, technical, artistic or other assistance.

Foster stays can be as short as a few days, or they can last for a week or longer. Please indicate whether you can provide short- or longer-term foster care.


Preferences for Adoption/Fostering


If you would like to upload your resume with your volunteer application, please do so here.

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