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Welcome to the home of National Great Pyrenees Rescue (NGPR), the first place to look on the Internet for a rescued Great Pyrenees or to connect with a Pyr rescue group. NGPR is an all-volunteer, tax-exempt, non-profit organization whose mission is to save and rehome rescued Pyrenees in the U.S. and Canada.

We've been leading the fight to save Pyrs and Pyr mixes since 2006. Our online application makes it easy to apply for a dog but we offer much more than an online placement service.  

We give adopters expert advice and information about the breed so they can make the right choice and we stay with them throughout the adoption process and beyond. After that, our bi-monthly newsletter helps us keep in touch.

NGPR supports Pyr rescue efforts across the country, encourages the start-up of new Pyr rescue groups and urges all Pyr rescuers to work together to save more Pyrs. We had 800 adoptions for 2014 and 152 dogs have found their furever homes so far in 2015.

We always have many dogs to choose from. In our feature annimation, girls have pink bows and boys blue. If one of these dogs catches your eye, visit our Rescue Dogs page for more information about him or her. We understand that not everyone can foster or adopt, so if you can support the medical, transport and boarding needs of this dedicated, ongoing effort, please donate to save a life. We thank everyone for their support which makes national, organized Pyr rescue possible.

Get Blissful With Barney!

BARNEYPAWe are featuring a different Pyr every week in this spot. Barney in PA is a excellent sitting and walking companion, good in any home. 


Newest Neediest Cases

AngelaSee some of the dogs we have helped since the start of the year on our Neediest Cases page. Learn how you can help care for the Neediest.

What Rescue Dogs Really Want

wishlistDid you ever wonder what our dogs wish for? Now you can find out.  Not everything is in the extra large size but a lot is. Please don't forget about the puppies, they can wish upon a star, too.    


Pity the Puppy Mill Pups!

ARBUSTThinking of buying a pup online?  This video  of an HSUS bust shows the misery that lies underneath the online ads that puppy mill breeders run to sell puppies to unwary buyers.

Current Activity

Diana Adoptions 3/1
Diana, Paris, Pax, Pablo, Gracie, Roosevelt, Venus, Diana, Theodore, Kevin and Rain in the East. Raven in OK.  Tilla, Princess Grace, Ulysses, Romeo, Raven, Baymax, Cheyanne, Barney, Gypsy, Nyles, Rio, Jenny, Hiro, Spencer, Decca, Tobey, Ellie Mae, Obi, Joey and Roscoe on the West Coast.



Featured Dogs

Maia Puppies (Up to six months)

Maia, a 5-month old pup in OH, is a car ride away from adoption via volunteer transport. Pay the puppy fee, good for one year, to apply for Maia or any other pup. Maia is adopted!

WallClockVisit the Pyr Rescue Store!

Time to Shop

Wall clocks, travel mugs, tees and more can be found on our Cafe Press site.





Youngsters (6 mos.-3 years)

TedE is a Pyrfect if you are looking for a smaller size young male about 2 years old. See more adoptable rescue dogs here.



VolunteerHelp Wanted

We are recruiting rescue volunteers to help behind the scenes and on the front lines. Find out what you can do to help rescue.

  PeabodyAdults (3-6 years)

Peabody is a 5-year old male being fostered in CT who has a lot of love to give. See more adoptable rescue dogs here.



KaiserLearn About the Breed

Information and resources to help you decide if this is the breed for you. Great Pyrenees are from the group of dogs classified by the AKC as working dogs.



  AbrahamSeniors (7-and up)

Abraham is a great guy. He is 8-years young and being fostered in VT until the right family finds him. See more adoptable rescue dogs here.



HeidiFoster Families Needed

Fostering Saves Lives Fostering a dog makes room for another dog to come into rescue from a kill shelter. Please read about our foster program.



  olafOur Portland Pick 

Murphy is one of many Pyrs from Texas traveling to Oregon to find a home. Click here for more Pyrs in the Northwest.



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