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We need your help to fix our neediest cases. National Great Pyrenees Rescue is a volunteer, 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible. We are called upon frequently to rescue special needs dogs and our goal is to help as many as we can. Some dogs require medical assistance for a period of many months after they come into rescue to bring them back to health so they are adoptable. The road to rescue, rehabilitation and adoption has its many challenges and is different for every dog. Some dogs are with us for only a few weeks; others for months or more. We continue to help our amazing fosters care for the dogs the entire time. If you would like to apply to foster click here. We’re in this for the long haul and we hope you are with us, too. Please click on the donate button below if you would like to support the work we do. Thank you for caring about the dogs.

Emmy Lou's Operation (2/13/15)

Three Sides of Emmy Lou at Her Intake in August

Emmy Lou has been in rescue since August 2014 when we picked her up at an upstate New York shelter. She was only five or six but was in sad shape as she had been a livestock guardian dog on a farm and hadn’t received much care. She was underfed (photos left), undersocialized, nervous around people and definitely preferred life out of doors. Kim and Jon have been caring for Emmy for the past several months and she has been making progress but several physical and behavioral issues still needed to be addressed. Until recently she still had some anxiety, a growth on her paw and continual ear infections. Emmy went to the vet on February 13 for removal of the tumor, a biopsy and ear treatment. Her medical care which has totaled over $1,000 to date was partially underwritten by a generous contributor. If her tumor biopsy is negative, our goal is to get Emmy Lou out on our virtual adoption floor so we can start the search for a forever home for her.

Angels Around Angela (1/27/15)

Angela and Her Rescue Angel
We were contacted by an Ohio volunteer near the end of January about an older female Pyr who appeared dazed and was found standing in the road.  She had bloody diarrhea and was vomiting when she tried to drink water. She was very thin, appeared to be extremely weak and was possibly on her last legs. Things did not look good. Our volunteer brought the dog we named Angela to the vet who immediately put her on an IV and did bloodwork and x-rays. For the first day at the vets, Angela didn’t do much of anything—no peeing, pooping or eating. A uterus or bladder infection was suspected and she was put on antibiotics. By the third day Angela was doing better and ready to go home with her rescuer. She continues to make progress. She is strong enough to be vaccinated and she will be spayed in March.






Three Ferals Finding Their Way (1/19/15)

The rescue of three feral pups in the Morristown, TN area started with an emotional call to NGPR's shelter hotline on Monday, January 19. A family of feral Pyrs—a dad, mom and three pups were living on property that was rented. The owner who wanted them gone, had already shot and killed the male and was gunning for the female. There was real concern that the Mom, Precious, and her three puppies would be killed. A nearly shelter was contacted but like many animal aid organizations, they were extremely busy.

TN Ferals
Two of the Feral Threesome
With the male dog dead it became imperative to find help. We weren't familiar with this rural area outside of Morristown, TN so we reached out to Cyn Mobley of At Risk Intervention in Knoxville. Cyn in turn notified the Morristown Humane Society and nearby Noah's Ark. Our contact was feeding the remaining dogs and thought she might be able to lure them into her barn with some assistance. Monday, January 26, was set as the date to capture the Pyr family. Susan from Noah's Ark came with crates for Mom and the pups who showed up as usual for their afternoon feeding. The pups came into the barn and the door was rigged so it closed shut. Mom wouldn't go in. She hung around outside and ate some food that had tranquilizers in it. When she tried to take off, the tranquilizers slowed her down. A blanket was thrown over her and she was maneuvered into a waiting crate. The pups were brought to At Risk Intervention and the Mom, Precious, was brought to a local vet the next morning. The plan was to spay Precious but when she was opened up, it was found that she was filled with cancer. She was euthanized and the ashes were given to her rescuer who buried them on her farm in the place she used to meet Precious and pups. The three pups, Sincha, Sensa and Castiel, were moved the following weekend to fosters in Virginia and New Jersey. All are doing great and adjusting to life on the inside.

Helping Hilary (1/5/15)

Hilary (Right) and Her Sister
We received our first hotline call about feral Pyr pups in Tennessee on January 5. There were two sisters in the Kingsport area that had been dumped at a neighbor’s house. The neighbor was trying to capture them but so far had been unsuccessful. The pup who would become Hilary was finally lured into a barn but her sister eluded capture and was later found in a ditch, run over by a car. Hilary has been vetted and spayed but to make her adoptable still needs a lot of socialization work which will continue over the next few months. Cyn Mobley of At Risk Intervention has started working with Hilary as you can see on this video and it is working to make her less fearful.



Marshmallow Is the Sweetest (12/26/14)

Mr. Marshmallow 
Marshmallow’s case spans 2014 and 2015. He was dumped at a shelter and when we were contacted about him we were told that he had a lame rear leg. That was an understatement! As you can see in this video, he could hardly walk due to a congenital condition he was diagnosed with known as luxating patella (slipped kneecap).

The first operation to fix one knee was right after Christmas and the second in January. He is coming along nicely and now has a bright future ahead of him. He is a very photogenic little fellow and his quest to walk normally was supported by many fans who donated to cover the cost of his multiple operations and therapy.

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