Meet More Pyrs | National Great Pyrenees Rescue

Here they are—an engaging and wide-ranging array of "gentle giants" who:

  • Have found their "forever home"
  • Have learned how to relax in their new homes
  • Are remembered fondly, forever

The Happy Endings page is just what it says—a series of stories, all with Pyrs as the protagonists, and all featuring live-happily-ever-after endings. More happy endings photos can be found on our Facebook Fan page.

We've got Couch Potatoes, too. How long will it take for your Pyr to get comfy in your house?  These guys have got it made!

The Tributes pages are the stories of departed Pyrs, written by the people who loved them. These are poignant and touching accounts of life with a special Pyrenees. The donations that owners make in memory of their Pyrs help to fund rescue work.