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Terrie, Annie and Molly
Terrie, Annie & Molly
Posa, an Akbash, came into Terrie's life as an 8-week-old pup and saw her through chemotherapy. Until then, Terrie had never been a dog person, preferring the aloof felines! But Posa changed all that!

These dogs truly have an innate sense of compassion with their herd ... whether that herd is two-legged, four-legged, or a mixed herd composed of both—once they take you in, you're theirs.

Posa always positions himself between the animals and the house to watch over us all. Jolene's priority is the animals. We located her thru Mid-South Great Pyrenees Rescue, in TN. She was two years old and literally walked into our barn, lay down in the corner of a stall and has not left the sides of her herd since. When our first cria was born, Jolene averted her eyes from the dam and belly-crawled up to the cria, and for the next 24 hours never left its side. Meanwhile, Posa positioned himself outside the door of the stall, blocking anything's entrance to the barn. Their devotion knows no limits and their protectiveness is instantaneous, extending even to a rescued Canadian Goose!

Molly and Bo
Molly and Bo
If you're in the market for a Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD), please consider a rescue organization. There are literally hundreds of these magnificent dogs that have been abandoned because people bought them without first researching the breed. LGDs are unlike any other breed of dog—they need a job, and they require a person with a thorough understanding of their guardian and independent nature, as well as their tendencies to dig, bark all night, shed copious amounts, and drool! But if you are looking for protection for your valuable livestock, there is no match for them. They are truly amazing dogs!

Update: We adopted two more female Pyrs (who were raised with alpacas) from Mid-South Great Pyrenees Rescue (Molly & Annie).

— by Greg Reynolds