National Great Pyrenees Rescue Adoption/Fostering Application Form | National Great Pyrenees Rescue


To learn more about our adoption process, click here.


Companion Animal Adoption Application

Please click on the appropriate link below, which will open the adoption form in a new window. After you complete the form, you can close the window or tab and continue to navigate our site. A National Pyr Rescue volunteer will contact you within 48 hours.


Puppies Up to Six Months Old

If you are interested in adopting a puppy under six months old, the adoption process starts here. Please have a credit card or your PayPal login handy as puppies have a $15 application fee. Applications for puppies without the puppy fee payment will not be considered.  Once you have paid the puppy fee, please proceed to the adoption application at this link.


Dogs Six Months or Older

For all other dogs, you can access the adoption application form for a companion animal here.  There is no application fee.


West Coast Adoption Applications

If you are on the West Coast and applying for a dog of any age from OR or WA, click here.