Surrender Procedures

There are many Pyrs needing rescue across the county. NGPR strives to help Pyr owners who must surrender their dogs, and help shelters and other rescue groups find foster care or homes for their dogs. The dog must be a Great Pyrenees or Pyr mix, have an acceptable temperament, exhibit no serious physical problems and of course, space must be available in a suitable foster home.

Behavioral Assistance
If you are having problems with your Great Pyrenees dog, please consult NGPR's list of Great Pyrenees Rescue contacts or call our 800 number, 877-372-3273 or email NGPR's Director, who will help you find a knowledgeable volunteer who can help with your situation. NGPR wants to help dogs and their owners overcome their difficulties and live long, happy lives together. Surrender is not the only solution.

National Great Pyrenees Rescue does not maintain kennel facilities. Please remember that, as an owner, you are primarily responsible for helping to find your dog a new home. This web page gives many ideas on how to go about this process. Give yourself as much time as possible and plan on holding the dog while a new home is located. In emergency situations, we will try and locate a local rescue group that can help place or foster the dog but fostering is extremely limited. Most rescue groups will require the owner to provide a copy of the dog's most current medical records. A copy of the rabies certificate is required by state law. Ensuring that your dog is up-to-date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and spayed or neutered, will expedite the process of your dog being accepted into our program. It will also help us to allocate funds to save other dogs waiting in kill shelters. Unlike some other rescue groups, we do not require a surrender fee. We incur significant expenses to vet and transport surrendered dogs. A donation of any amount allows us to save more dogs—please consider a donation.

If the owner chooses to complete an online surrender information form, the form will be forwarded to the nearest rescue group doing Great Pyrenees rescue. This does not guarantee the dog will be accepted into foster, it is only the starting point for assessing the dog's potential for adoption. If the dog came through NGPR or one of our affiliated rescues, we will work with you directly on rehoming the dog. A digital photograph of the dog should be sent to If we are working with you or have assigned your case to another Pyr rescue, please continue to check in with us on how the rehoming process is going. Lack of contact and interest from the owner is the main reason why rescue cannot help a dog.

Shelters holding dogs they believe to be Great Pyrenees should contact their closest Pyr rescue group or contact NGPR toll-free at 1-877-372-3273 or by email. We will work with the shelter to determine whether the dog is a Great Pyrenees, whether the dog has an appropriate temperament for placement, and which Pyr rescue group is closest.

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